Borrowing and austerity

Where are either of these parties going to get the money from? Yes, they will borrow. Which is kind of ironic for the Conservatives as they created austerity to get borrowing and spending and the national debt back under control. So basically, millions have suffered and are still suffering at their hands unnecessarily. Anyone who votes for the Conservatives really needs to think hard about the way they have run our economy. As for Labour – they will borrow and spend so much that we will probably end up back in austerity again when the balance of payments shows we are too far in debt for the banks to reconcile further lending. The Liberal Democratic way is to ensure the economy redistributes wealth to make sure the wealthy pay their way and the less well off benefit.

Tories and Labour warned over ambitious spending promises
Returning infrastructure investment to 1970s levels may be undeliverable, says IFS

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