Racism in Labour and Conservative parties

Islamaphobia in Conservatives and anti-Semitism in Labour – why tolerate such behaviours? Vote for the party which is home to all and discourages discrimination of any kind. #VoteLibDem Liberal Democrats

When it comes to Islamophobia, Tory eyes are still wide shut | Nesrine Malik
Matt Hancock’s dismissal of Sayeeda Warsi shows the party thinks prejudice against Muslims is a problem it can afford, says Guardian columnist Nesrine Malik

Climate Change

Climate change is real but by addressing the issue ad being global leaders in green technology research, we can halt it. The Liberal Democrats puts the climate at the heart of all its policies and proposes urgent action.

Part Three of our Plan for the Future
The Liberal Democrats will tackle the climate emergency and deliver a bold green plan to build a brighter future.

Russia meddles in UK election

I’m hoping that this election will not be affected by outside influences. Russia must be on a ‘divide and rule’ kick but why won’t the Conservatives publish the report? If you want to be sure that your vote is going to an open and honest candidate, you know where to put your cross! Liberal Democrats

UK inquiry was warned of Russian infiltration, leaked testimony shows
Russia’s influence reaches deep into the British establishment and successive UK governments have turned a blind eye to it, lawmakers were warned, according to multiple sources familiar with testimony given to a parliamentary inquiry.

Fossil Fuels

Wrong, wrong, wrong. We need to leave the remaining fossil fuels we have in the ground where they belong and invest in green technologies. There is a climate emergency and investing even more money in fossil fuels is just unbelievably stupid. #climateemergency

Banks boosted new lending to fossil fuel projects last year, figures show
Activist group Market Forces says its analysis suggests a disconnect between ANZ and Westpac’s statements on climate and their investment decisions

Borrowing and austerity

Where are either of these parties going to get the money from? Yes, they will borrow. Which is kind of ironic for the Conservatives as they created austerity to get borrowing and spending and the national debt back under control. So basically, millions have suffered and are still suffering at their hands unnecessarily. Anyone who votes for the Conservatives really needs to think hard about the way they have run our economy. As for Labour – they will borrow and spend so much that we will probably end up back in austerity again when the balance of payments shows we are too far in debt for the banks to reconcile further lending. The Liberal Democratic way is to ensure the economy redistributes wealth to make sure the wealthy pay their way and the less well off benefit.

Tories and Labour warned over ambitious spending promises
Returning infrastructure investment to 1970s levels may be undeliverable, says IFS

Grown-up politics. If the Labour Party was really serious about remaining in the EU they would have joined, wouldn’t they?

Lib Dems enter into historic arrangment to elect Remain MPs
Today the Liberal Democrats have announced they have entered into arrangements in a number of seats with Plaid Cymru and the Green Party. The arrangement will see the Liberal Democrats working with both parties, getting candidates to stand aside for those who will campaign to stop Brexit. The news f…