Oh dear….more lies.

EU says it did not amend Theresa May’s Brexit deal for Boris Johnson and only ‘clarified’ it
Spokesperson denies withdrawal agreement was reopened

Green Liberal Democrats
This is an unbelievably crazy decision highlighted by Tim Farron. There is no justification to continue digging fossil fuels out of the earth.

What a staggering waste of money! Especially as we haven’t left the EU yet, and possibly never will. Even if the WAB gets through Parliament, it will take years to extricate ourselves – although goodness knows why we would want to. Having spent so many years on ensuring our medicines, food and radioactive materials supply chains are robust, why break them?

Government pushes ahead with plans for ‘festival of Brexit’
Figures from arts institutions fear 2022 event could alienate remain-supporting visitors

Labour have no plan to tackle the climate emergency
Lib Dems: Labour have no plan to tackle the climate emergency Responding to Labour’s promise to make all new-build homes “zero carbon” by 2022, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the Climate Emergency and the Environment Wera Hobhouse said: “This Labour policy is nothing more than a vague aspiration….