Green Policies

I am a proud executive member of the Green Liberal Democrats which aims to put the environment at the forefront of every policy decision.

I have been a passionate advocate for sustainable living since I was a young girl, saving milk-bottle tops and newspapers, making rag rugs from old clothes and wearing an extra jumper instead of turning up the thermostat. I take pride in keeping my carbon footprint as low as possible by following a vegan diet, using a plug-in hybrid car, generating electricity with solar panels and storing what isn’t used immediately in a 13.5kW battery for later use such as charging the car. I recognise that electric cars or solar panels aren’t the answer to the climate emergency, though, as they have their own carbon and rare minerals footprint and that is why it is vital to put the money currently invested in fossil fuels into research into green technologies, which will create jobs as well as ensure we reach net zero carbon by 2045.

I ran my own ‘How to Go Greener Day’ in 2019 in Beverley, attended by over 100 people, to encourage attendees to think how they could tread more lightly on the earth (read the report at ) and spoke to the Beverley 6th Form Climate Strikers on their action day when they (and other climate activists) marched through Beverley, wearing my Green Liberal Democrats t-shirt! I am a member of several environmental charities, including Green Christian and CER and buy organic, local and fairly-traded wherever I can.

An elected Councillor on East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Liberal Democrat Environmental Spokesperson, I have brought a “Ban Glyphosate’ motion to council and seconded a ‘Climate Emergency’ motion. I currently prepared evidence to bring a ‘divestment from fossil fuels’ motion to the council. I am the LibDem representative on a Climate Change Review Panel set up by the Council to examine ways in which the Council can reduce its own carbon footprint to net zero and show leadership to the community by doing so. The Council already recycles extensively and composts all food and green waste but there is scope for retrofitting insulation to older buildings, improving the EPC of new-builds to a minimum B and working with the community transport providers to improve rural bus services.  

In my spare time, I make eco-bricks and grow my own fruit, vegetables and herbs.

You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook @LibDemLinda

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