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East Riding of Yorkshire Council ruling Tories do it in secret!

The Opposition Liberal Democrat Group Leader on the Council was, incredibly, shut out of an important Covid-19 briefing by the Tories. The Conservative Leader denied this was the case, saying ‘Key Points were e-mailed to all councillors after the meeting’ but admitted that only (Conservative) Cabinet Members were present and all other members were ejected when it came to asking questions. The Liberal Democrat Leader responded by tweeting that the Authority is run like North Korea with anyone who is not a Conservative not informed as to when meetings are taking place.

Cllr David Nolan said: “Residents would expect their elected councillors to be briefed on what the council and other bodies are doing and have the opportunity to challenge them. Instead we are shut out.”

Personally, I think this is scandalous, especially when the meeting was about the pandemic which has affected everyone’s lives. If you voted Conservative at the last election, it looks as if you have voted for an elite group who believe anyone who isn’t one of them should be kept in the dark. My mantra – #NeverTrustATory

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