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Stand Up for Carers Campaign

The LibDems are calling for Carer’s Allowance to be increased by £20 a week – something which several charities have already been campaigning for,

Our leader, Ed Davey, is a carer himself as his son has severe disabilities. He understands some of the difficulties carers have had before and during the Coronavirus pandemic and how juggling caring with work puts a strain on families. Additionally, job losses, increasing costs and social isolation have made life increasingly difficult for families with disabled members.

The parents and carers of disabled children and adults have had to become nurses, therapists, teachers, entertainers, cooks etc during the pandemic. Some of them have become very tired and stressed and this small amount of money would make their lives so much easier. Many have little or no recognition for the job they do but they remain impoverished because of the low level of the Allowance (£67.25) and other earnings limits and other entitlement conditions.

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